BarofitWeight Management

Obesity is the root of many of today’s modern diseases and it is vital to maintain a healthy weight. Listening to your  to your needs, learning your lifestyle requirements and then setting realistic goals are essential for successful weight loss. I have a long list of clients who have been able to achieve weight loss success and moreover keep the lost weight off.

Lakshya-logoLakshya Sports

I have been consulting sportsman at Lakshya Sports to enable them for optimal performance in their individual sport. Some clients are Arjun Kadhe, Ankita Raina, Mampi Das, Sriyanka Sadangi, Prarthana Thombare and others, all having excelled in their respective sports.

gfglogoGuns for Glory – Shooting Academy

I am proud to say that I am nutritionist to Olympic bronze medal winner, Gagan Narang. I advise him on healthy eating and lifestyle guidelines during training. I also work work closely with national level players at Narang’s shooting academy in Pune.

PrashantiPrashanti Cancer Care Mission

I volunteer as a nutritional counselor to cancer patients, survivors and care givers. Prashanti is a Charitable Trust, based in Pune, India with a vision dedicated to fighting and dealing with trauma of cancer in the community.


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